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Altify Opportunity Manager

Win bigger, better deals, and grow and retain revenue in key accounts natively in Salesforce.

Guide sellers to focus on the elements of their opportunities that drive success to deliver win-win outcomes faster natively in Salesforce.



Altify Account Manager

Build new pipeline in your accounts by aligning your relationship strategy with buyer motivation to uncover whitespace natively in Salesforce.

Grow and Retain Revenue with Account Planning Software.


Altify Sales Process Manager

Guide sellers to follow a structured sales process to unlock sales cycles that beat targets and quotas natively in Salesforce.

Improve sales velocity and forecast accuracy by mapping to the customer’s buying cycle.


Altify Insights

Altify Insights, our new solution elevates team collaboration, builds customer intimacy, and drives revenue by enabling you to understand WHO the key buyer decision makers are, and HOW you solve their challenges natively in Salesforce.