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Opportunity Manager

Target Account Selling in Salesforce

Opportunity Manager coaches sellers in real time to qualify effectively, to research the relationship landscape, to collaborate with customers to develop solutions that address business challenges, and to develop a competitive approach that delivers a win‐win outcome.

Account Manager

Account Manager in Salesforce

Account Manager guides Sellers to deepen their understanding of the Buyer’s business pressures, goals and obstacles, uncovering hidden opportunities for mutual value.  The solution maps the ‘white space’ and political landscape, and then guides Sellers to create and win new business.

Sales Process Manager

Sales Process Manager

Sales Process Manager guides sellers to follow a structured, proven sales process that improves their ability to deliver a winning outcome for both the seller and the customer.

Relationship Map

Deepen your Relationship with Buyers

Visualize the Relationship Map of the buyer’s organization so sales people can work to build relationships with key players and increase win rate. Get guidance on what each influencer cares about, coupled with which sales strategy suits each buyer’s characteristics best. The power of visualization delivers immediate insights to the sales team.

Conversation Manager

Connect Solutions to Customers

Conversation Manager guides sellers to learn about customer problems by enabling sellers to ask the right business questions and listen for commonly shared business issues. Customer Insight Maps allows salespeople to visualize their customers’ business problems and connect them to insights and sales tools that inform and add value to every sales conversation.

Sales Performance Manager

Maximize Sales Team Results

Front Line Sales Managers have the hardest job in sales.  Lack of visibility into forecast & pipeline mean sellers and their managers don’t know what deals are at risk and where to focus for maximum impact. Get the best sales performance, advice and guidance every day with built-in sales management expertise.