You Want Me To Do What?

“Did opportunities X, Y & Z close and if not when do you expect to have the contracts signed?”  ”You are not meeting your quota this month…”  ”And oh by the way, I noticed you are not entering information into the CRM and your forecast is due this morning…”

Welcome to the world of many salespeople.  It is an accepted fact of life that they need to find a way to juggle getting their job done  ”closing sales” and “providing accurate forecast information to the organization”… the glamor part of the job, right?  It is not their favorite activity, but as many sales managers have explained throughout the …Read More

False Summits – Sales Forecasts and Other Illusions

It is such a privilege to live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  As summer approaches the mountain climbing season is about to be in full swing.  Many people who live here know the term “Fourteener” which refers to mountains in Colorado with an elevation over 14,000 ft.  It is generally accepted that there are 54 Fourteeners in Colorado and as you might expect many people have set the goal of climbing all 54 peaks.  This is known as completing a Grand Slam.  These peaks range from easy to dangerous with the easiest still providing a good days workout.

I discovered my love for climbing 20 years …Read More

The Big Bang & Sales Velocity Equation

I openly admit that I am a science geek.  In my previous post Averted Vision, I have already confessed that I am fascinated with the universe.  As a result of this, I enjoy studying about astronomy and that has expanded to exploring physics.

The Discovery Channel just released a new series “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking” that I highly recommend.  I will always be fascinated that such intellectually stimulating programming can peacefully co-exist with “Swamp Loggers” and “Deadliest Catch”, but who am I to judge what people want to watch?

I realize this type of programming is aimed at audiences such …Read More

Fortune Tellers, Witches & Sales Forecasts

A good friend of mine, Marc Bridgham, who is always on top of the news, shared an article with me today:

Romania may get even tougher on Witches

A month after Romanian authorities began taxing them for their trade, the country’s soothsayers and fortune tellers are cursing a new bill that threatens fines or even prison if their predictions don’t come true.

Superstition, the Associated Press notes, is a serious matter in the land of Dracula, and at least one witch argues that practitioners shouldn’t be blamed for the failure of their tools.

“They can’t condemn witches, they should condemn the cards,” queen witch …Read More